Call for Papers

The 2nd International Conference on Recent Advancements in Science and Technology (ICoRAST2019) consists of FIVE co-located tracks covering the fields of food and biotechnology, information systems and information security, technology, industrial chemistry, applied physics, actuarial science, financial mathematics and risk management. The sub-conferences are:

  1. 2nd International Conference on Food and Biotechnology (ICFB)
  2. 2nd International Conference on Information Systems & Security (ICoISS)
  3. 2nd International Symposium on Applied Mathematics and Statistics in Actuarial Science, Financial Mathematics and Risk Management (ISAM)
  4. 2nd International Symposium on Recent Advancement on Applied Physics (ISRAAP)
  5. 2nd International Symposium on Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Technology (ISICCT)


ICoRAST2019 covers, but not limited to, the following topics:


Food Science, Food Technology, Food Processing and Packaging, Food Safety, Halal and Food Security, Food Chemistry, Nutrition, Cell and Molecular biology, Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Proteomics and Structural Biology, Plant and Animal Biotechnology



Authentication, privacy and security models, metrics, frameworks, architecture, protocols, design, applications, testing and technologies, Cyber law, Cloud computing, Data and software security, Database security, E-Commerce security, Information hiding, Intrusion detection and response, Internet of things (IoT), Malware detection and prevention, Mobile and wireless computing and applications, Mobile systems security, Security awareness, Sensor networks, Security assurance, Threat and attacks

Information Systems:

Applications of computation as a scientific paradigm, Artificial intelligence, knowledge representation and knowledge management, Data modelling, Data mining and knowledge discovery, E-Learning, Evolutionary algorithms and system, Information retrieval and extraction, Information systems modeling, design, development and simulation, Intelligent software agents, Ontology engineering, Quality of service (QoS), Software engineering, Semantic web technologies, Web applications and services


Actuarial Science:

Actuarial modeling and statistical methods, Issues in takaful models, Longevity risk and survival model, Big data and machine learning in insurance, Predictive modeling, Pension and social securities

Risk Management:

Enterprise risk management, Financial risk management, Risk appetite, risk awareness and risk culture of an organisation, Shariah compliant risk management, New and emerging risks for example: cyber, environment, tropical diseases, epidemic, weather etc., New tools, methods or techniques to identify, measure and manage risks or uncertainties, Risk pricing, Big data and risks, Actuarial role in managing and  communicating risks and uncertainties, Insurance or takaful for specific risks, Aging/mortality/longevity risks, Retirement planning/product, Healthcare planning/product/risks/costs, Annuity, Pension, Financial and investment management for insurance companies and takaful operators, Product development risks, Regulation, legislation and political risks, Solvency

Financial Mathematics:

Stochastic control and investment, Asset pricing, Financial econometrics, Mathematical and statistical modelling, Portfolio optimization, Stochastic differential equation, Derivative pricing, Financial engineering, Economics/financial crisis, Market dynamics and prediction

Mathematics and Statistics:

Applied mathematics, Applied statistics, Applied econometrics, Time series, Forecasting analysis, Numerical algorithms


Advanced material science, Electromagnetism, Atomic and molecular, Optical physics, Chemical physics, Quantum physics, Energy and green technology, Laser and optoelectronics, Nanoscience and nanotechnology, Semiconductor devices, Instrumentations, Radiation physics, Superconductors, Sensors, Computational physics, Device modelling and simulation, Photonics technology, Medical physics, Electro-optics devices


Advanced chemistry, Petroleum and organic industrial chemistry, Industrial polymers, metals and composites chemistry, Industrial processes, catalysis, white biotechnology and green chemistry, Analytical and applied chemistry, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Desalination, Membrane technology – nano filtration and reverse osmosis, Metallurgy and material science in industrial chemistry, Industrial water and waste water treatment (boiler & cooling water treatment), Industrial photo chemistry, Clean and drinking water technology, Ultrapure water production, Medical chemistry, Nano technology involved in industrial chemistry and water treatment, Nanomedicine and drug delivery, Forensics chemistry and toxicology, Carbon capture


Full Paper Submission Deadline : 30 June 2019
Full Paper Submission Deadline : 31 July 2019
Acceptance  Notification :  15 August 2019
Camera Ready : 31 August  2019
Early Bird Deadline: 19 July 2019
Payment Deadline: 31 August 2019


Each submission will undergo double-blind reviews by at least 2-3 peer reviewers. All accepted papers will be SCOPUS-indexed in various journals or conference proceedings. Visit the submissions page for the complete listing of publications involved.